About Us

We developed ElectroExpert from our 10+ years of experience in Electronics & IT industry. We have tested it last 5 years and deployed 100+ modules in Kerala, which is considered to have one of the worst monsoon & thunderstorms in India.

Our professional experience in companies like Intel, Cisco & Wipro is utilized in the product development for everyday life for common man in affordable cost. We had done hands-on designing and testing qualification to confirm international standards and get products designed in India into international markets.

We don’t wanted to be just another “better” power line issue solver. We do the best & with insurance for your devices, not only for our products. It is easy for a manufacturer to replace their products. But nobody takes the risk of guaranteeing the protected products in the current market.

We show you number of instances that suppressed voltages with our counter, which otherwise you may think nothing happened as your devices are safe.

Our mission is always on & connected safely irrespective of weather & undesirable instances on power lines which is must to thrive in the global economy & modern life.

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