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Your latest technology LED TV has a most modern protection also available from global market. The same technology used in USA & Europe is available in your doorstep with cheapest maintenance cost.

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RCCB is only for protection of human life, It cannot act as fast as lightning strike to save you from lightning damage

Safety starts at home. Use your mobile safely without explosion

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After investing lakhs of rupees for Asianet Cable Franchisee network, I realized that the Mediaconverter get hangs & Internet service was getting disrupted, once or twice everyday, after tripping RCCB, due to the powerline issues existed in the area. The interruptions due to the fiber cut was very less compared to the above problem. Adding to that, it was a tension when nobody is office and a surprise rain & lightning comes as it can damage investment. Most of the time customers call and then realize the problem due to hung mediaconverter and restarted. Nobody was giving a 100% guaranteed solution and heard about ElectroExpert’s solution from workers. Being first customer of ElectroExpert , I was a little confused to go ahead. Considering only, the facts that it was tested 5 years already near to my office & loss which can occur if an unexpected overvoltage I went ahead. After installation,I was successful in providing 99% service, exceeding the competition in the last rainy season. No more daily downtime and worry. I appreciate their commitment to go any extend to solve electrical problems, even though it is not directly associated with their service.

Following the success in office, I installed ElectroExpert in home. It was normal to arc between plug points & RCCB trip during lightning or without lightning RCCB triped. Both issues got fixed with ElectroExpert. I was surprised to know that nearby KSEB office had their computer & printer damaged, while I didn’t even had a RCCB trip recently. I will recommend ElectroExpert as a necessity for protection for electrical equipments for homes in Kerala.


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