Why Us

All of us are proud to be using the modern wiring and protection devices in our home. Indian Electricity wiring standards are unique in the world and wiring products are made 100% in India.

But the equipments we use in our homes are imported or of global standard. But did you notice that only in India, we have stabilizers in our home. The electricity was invented by Faraday & we use technologies adapted from abroad. Ask your NRI friends whether they have ever used stabilizers outside India. They will say a No.. How the power generated and distributed based on International technologies are bad only in India?

A main source of damage to electrical and electronics devices are lightning strikes. We all know about lightning arrester raised on top of big building. But they are only to protect the damage to the building and wall. Even if they protect the building structure, the devices inside are still in danger.

We may think that lightning is more in our area and no solution. But lightning is highest in Florida USA and higher than India. But nobody worries about protection of equipments their why?


Global Lightning Activity

We may think the “trips”(RCCB trip) during lightning is to protect us. But actually they are false triggering. The RCCB trips in milliseconds and lightning damaged is already happened in microseconds. After several lightning strikes your device slowly dies out.

Have you ever thought how the MNC companies work without stabilizers in “bad power” situation in India? Yes there are solutions available and we are bringing them to the common man at affordable cost and guarantee.

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